"Nobody wants to have a stressful spa day. Every Dog deserves to love their day at the spa."

-Shania, Owner.

It can be frustrating and stressful trying to find a pet groomer you can trust. We understand. Since nobody wants to be stressed out worrying about their dogs spa day, you’ll need a place you can trust. Wiggle Butt Inn helps dog owners make life easier with convenient, meaningful services they can use to create healthy and happy dogs. Be their Hero while having peace of mind.

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Show your dog how special they are and make their day by choosing an individual service.

We’ll help out by pampering them like a star!

At the end of each grooming session, we give your dog our signature bandana.  The bandana is a seal of approval that shows your pup has met our rigorous standards for grooming, care, well-being and downright cuteness!

“I couldn’t believe there was such a good pet facility so close by. The staff are always very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They always answer any questions I have, even if my dog is not with them! We really feel like we’re a part of the family and wouldn’t take her to any other place.”

Jennifer P.

Proud parent of Quincy

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