DIY Dog Grooming Tips

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. This is not just as a result of their looks or behaviors, but because you can groom them whichever way you deem fit and they’ll adapt.

The challenge might be grooming your dog correctly, as tending to some dogs are more difficult than others. The breed and age of the dog are the most important factors to consider during the grooming process. For these factors, it may be best to seek a professional groomer. This article is however; dedicated to bringing you easy and efficient dog grooming tips that encompasses all dog types.

Below Are 7 DIY Tips For Dog Grooming

  1. Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly: Quite a number of people forget that cleaning of the teeth is part of hygiene. Regular brushing of your dog’s teeth helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. It also keeps your dog clean and above all, gives it a fresh breath. You do not need to do it on a daily basis. Just be sure to make it regular. 3 times a week is just perfect.
  2. Brush Body Hair Before Bathing: Some dogs are more hairy than others. Bathing very hairy dogs without first brushing their body hair might make them look rough after bathing. To prevent this, a brush that is not too tough for them should be used. It aids easy bath and also prevents hair tangles. It is pertinent to add that brushes should be chosen depending on the age of the dog. Soft brushes should be used for older dogs. This is because the bodies of older dogs are quite fragile compared to younger dogs.
  3. Regular Bath With The Right Bath Soaps: it is not just enough to regularly give your dog a bath. What soaps do you make use of? Many find it convenient to use their body bath for their dog and it is wrong. The human body is quite different in comparison to that of a dog.

There are dog baths and shampoos that makes bathing them easy. Dog baths and shampoos also leave them feeling comfortable all round. In addition, study the weather. Bath them with not-too-hot water when it is cold, and with lukewarm water when the sun is scorching. It helps aid their comfort. Also, check where you are bathing your dog to make sure it is not slippery so your dog doesn’t injure itself.

  1. Use of Coconut Oil For Your Dog’s Skin: Coconut oil is healthy for dogs and more so, it helps heal their cuts and injuries. It maintains their skin and with its nice fragrance, helps your dog to smell nice, too. Coconut oil can be used as a body moisturizer for dogs or occasionally as you may deem fit.
  2. Regular Nails trimming: You would have to be careful while playing with some dogs because of how unkempt and rough their nails look. Their owners may have to keep reassuring you that they won’t cut into your skin before you agree to get close. Aside the safety measure, long nails usually cause discomfort to dogs as it may hinder their walking composure. It is quite easy to take care of the nails of your dog as there are pet nail cutters available for the trimming of dog nails.
  3. Feed Your Dog Right: Along with their meals, there are also quite a number of food supplements that you can get to improve on the diet of your dog. These supplements help to boost them health wise.
  4. Examine Your Dog Carefully: Grooming time is the right time to look carefully at the eyes of your dog. It’s ears, it’s nose, it’s sensitive parts, the legs, and everywhere just to be sure that your dog is doing well and you’re not leaving anything to chance.

You tend to bond closely with your dog during grooming time. You are also able to check for possible injuries and cuts around it’s body as well. Check for excess hair between their toes as it may cause discomfort while walking and above all, if you notice a problem that you cannot tend to, seek help from a professional.

The veterinarian should also be consulted for skin reactions as they’ll know the perfect antidote to help your dog stay healthy and safe.

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